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Why Us?

Our down to earth websites portray Trust, Reliability, & Comfort to your customers More often then not, customers are finding their Kennels online. On top of increasing new business, having a professional Kennel website will increase the satisfaction of current customers. Wouldn’t it be great for one of your current customers to be able to see pictures of your Kennel online? To be able to see pictures of happy dogs and the great conditions you cultivate for the dogs on your property?
We’re a family Business. The founders, Sean and Jordan are cousins, who decided to start Happy Paws after helping their Aunt design a website for her Kennel on Vancouver Island. Furthermore they are pet owners, so they understand your customer base. Sean believes its important for every Kennel to have a well designed website because in his own words: “Growing up myself in a family with two Miniature Schnauzers I know first hand the dilemma many dog owners face. Our schnauzers were quite the handful but of course we loved them to death! Whenever the thought of going on a vacation came up in the family one of the main concerns was what to do with the dogs, Jack & Hunter! Like many dog owners we always worried that the Kennel may not know how to handle our dogs unique temperaments. Would they be cared for sufficiently? Would they get along with the other dogs?” The deciding factor for us was the extent to which we could TRUST the Kennel. And this is exactly what Happy Paws web development accomplishes for you through making a professional and down-to-earth website. We will show your future and current customers just how great of an operation you have. And of course our team of coders, graphic editors, and designers will make your Kennel shine in the absolute best possible light!

Dog Lovers

Growing up with dogs, we understand first hand the importance of finding a Kennel you can TRUST.We are true dog and animal lovers doing what we love. This passion will translate into YOUR website.

Highly Specialized

Because we are HIGHLY SPECIALIZED we can offer a top of the line website for a fraction of the price, in our area of expertise (the pet business market!)

Stress Free

No more Headaches! Once you sign up with HappyPaws we take care of EVERYTHING and Sean and Jordan are personally available and on call to answer your questions. Another benefit of being a small business.


HappyPaws mainly works with kennels across Canada to build beautiful websites as well as effective Internet marketing campaign extras. We know the key success factors in YOUR industry.