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At Happy Paws our team of creative professionals will bring you the very best in Kennel Websites. Because we are so specialized, we can do this at a great price! We can guarantee you that you will NOT find another team more passionate about dogs, web design, and making YOUR Kennel come to life!
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We offer top of the line websites without the worry

We UNDERSTAND first hand the most important thing for most small business owners is a website that just WORKS and a web development team that is always there to HELP. Your day is jam packed with running every aspect of your business all with several barking canines in the background. Let us take the stress of web development off your shoulders.
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Professional Websites at an Affordable Price

A lot of other Web Design Companies will try to sell you fancy features you don’t need, just so they can run up the price! At Happy Paws we work exclusively with the Pet Industry, so we know what you need from a website and what you don’t, ensuring we keep the price at a minimum.
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Amazing Websites

We understand the pet industry the best. Kennels, Grooming, Breeders, and Vets.
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We understand the pet industry the best.
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The most important step in successful project completion is preparation. By communication with our clients extensively (phone, email, chat) and by asking the right questions we obtain all of the information that will be required for our team to accomplish the goals


We produce a design mock up based on the information that we obtain. We test several approaches and refine the prototype through several editing stages based on your feedback. Once the prototype is approved we design the rest of the pages and go through the same process


We convert static page designs into web ready HTML5 and CSS format. Afterwards we integrate the markup into a CMS and build required functionality. We go through another round of revisions prior to moving to the final stage. Throughout this stage of process our work can be observer on the development server


We test completed website until we make sure there are no unexpected errors and everything is working accordingly. Once it is tested we transfer the website to client’s hosting and set it up. We provide ongoing support, that includes error fixes and edits, after the transfer.

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